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#GetYours Coffee Campaign

We got the nation loving Greggs coffee

Greggs Coffee from Splendid Communications on Vimeo.


Drive coffee sales by showcasing the quality and breadth of choice while highlighting the new addition of the flat white


Choosing the perfect coffee is like finding a lover – everyone is different, and there are lots of different attributes to make yours the one for you


Our ‘Get Yours’ campaign had a simple message: get it hot, get it fast, get it flat, get it on its own, get it with something else – it doesn’t matter, just… #GetYours at Greggs.

To launch the campaign, we created videos of Greggs coffee range brought to life as stereotypical lovers in order to dramatise the characteristics of the coffee. The convenient short espresso became a small but quick Italian man; the flat white was brought to life as an uber-trendy hipster, obsessed with Instagramming his daily fix.

We also created a series of GIFs playing on inescapably cheesy dating one-liners, such as ‘Hold the sugar, you’re sweet enough for me’.

To reach a wider audience, we invited key coffee connoisseurs and online Greggs fans to share how they ‘get theirs’, in exchange for free coffee.

Greggs now sells over

1m cups of coffee every week

2.4% engagement across

Facebook and Twitter

2 million

social impressions

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