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Princess Yachts, Return to V Class by BSUR (be as you are)
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popchips, 'enjoy more' by 18 Feet & Rising
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Sadler's Wells, SW20 by Red&White Design Limited
Start searching, Epic Action Man by Mother London
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McVitie's, Sweeter Together - Crane by Grey London
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Fenty, Fenty by Wednesday
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McDonald's , Big Mac 50 by Leo Burnett
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L'Occitane en Provence, L'Occitane Flagship Retail Experience by FutureBrand
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“BITE LIVE is a high caliber event that attracts a wide range of industry leaders looking to cut through the noise and walk away with valuable insight and inspiration for their brand. It highlighted not only what other brands in different sectors are doing incredibly well, but how they're actually doing it and the strategic thinking behind the success stories”.

Pete Markey, Brand Communications and Marketing Director, Aviva

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Deadfast Rodenticides
Impactful packaging and collateral for Westland Deadfast - a range of innovative…
Design Group International Ltd
23.03.2018 13:08:38
A Mate Doesn't Let A Mate Drink Drive
The Department for Transport and Y&R London rethink the THINK! drink drive campaign,…
Y&R London
23.03.2018 12:11:40
Marsh & Parsons
Marsh & Parsons 2018
Using outdoor reach to amplify Marsh & Parsons presence alongside press
MC&C Media
23.03.2018 10:53:42
Gottle O'Geer Ale
Gottle O'Geer Campaign for Church End Brewery
A campaign for Church End Brewery's Gottle O'Geer craft ale, launched at the Ventarama…
RBH Creative Communications
23.03.2018 10:45:25
Hawley Wharf
Brand identity & rollout
Brand identity, system architecture and application rollout for canal-side development…
Red&White Design Limited
23.03.2018 10:25:53
Molson Coors (Various)
Publican Awards
Experiential bar design and installation at the Publican Awards 2018
22.03.2018 15:44:49
The Electoral Commission…
Got 5?
Drive voter registration in run up to next election. Developed with our partners…
The Gate London
22.03.2018 10:10:48
Drive for More
Yokohama presents the #driveformore content series, starting with the player journey…
Pitch Marketing Group
21.03.2018 17:24:14
New Microsite launched
Design and build of a microsite on Interest Rates featuring front-end animation
21.03.2018 16:51:29
V by Vodafone
To demonstrate Vodafone's new range of smart devices, we follow Martin Freeman on…
Ogilvy UK
21.03.2018 16:12:57
National Citizen Service
NCS gives you the confidence to face any obstacle in your life, it makes you feel…
Ogilvy & Mather London
21.03.2018 16:05:59
David Lloyd
David Lloyd dynamic social
Reaching audiences through social optimisation, tailored content and dynamic vertical…
MC&C Media
21.03.2018 15:35:15
V by Vodafone
To demonstrate Vodafone's new range of smart devices, we follow Martin Freeman on…
Ogilvy & Mather London
21.03.2018 15:28:45
British Heart Foundation
Individual Giving
Testing multiple audiences, creative and donation mechanisms on social to drive…
MC&C Media
21.03.2018 12:55:14
Salzburg is just a ride away...
Experiential & dOOH inspiring travellers to swap the streets of London for the slopes…
SWC Partnership
21.03.2018 12:12:02
NOW Broadband
Developing targeted comms for NOW Broadband
21.03.2018 10:01:53
World Ocean Summit
Global launch of the 5th World Ocean Summit, Mexico
Bring to life the summit issues of 'Delivery & Accountability' through news/content-led…
TVC Group
20.03.2018 19:12:18
Eurostar opens new gateway to Europe
Launch of Eurostar's inaugural London to Amsterdam route to European and online…
TVC Group
20.03.2018 19:11:57
Bentayga Hybrid
Bentley unveils world's first luxury hybrid
Cutting through the noise at the Geneva Auto Show to launch Bentley's new hybrid…
TVC Group
20.03.2018 19:11:44
Dogs Trust
“Let’s keep the family pawtrait complete”
Real life families and their dogs at the heart of a new campaign to raise awareness…
TMW Unlimited
20.03.2018 17:44:46
The Electoral Commission/…
Raise awareness of what constitutes Voter Fraud. Developed with our partners Stack…
The Gate London
20.03.2018 17:24:21
Plume Labs
Pigeon Air Patrol
The world’s first flock of air pollution monitoring pigeons
20.03.2018 17:11:34
Real View Test Drive
A series of interactive films that aims to put our audience in the driver's seat.
20.03.2018 17:11:14
The first Mr P chatbot gives people the chance to create and share their very own…
20.03.2018 17:10:55
Chiltern Railways
Integrated campaign driving take-up of the family travelcard offer for the Easter…
The Gate London
20.03.2018 14:51:12
Sky Broadband
Say hello to Sky's 'monster' broadband offering
20.03.2018 11:45:46
Sometimes, it just has to be mum
Happy Mother’s Day to all the superstars who we can always call for a chinwag or…
Cheil UK
20.03.2018 11:25:14
Pearl Drops
NPD Instagram launch
A series of beauty tutorials inspired by each NPD, harnessing Keshia East's talent…
20.03.2018 09:50:31
Get Ready for Fun
A new global TVC for LEGOLAND® positioning the parks as THE place to unlock children's…
20.03.2018 09:36:52
Lloyd's Register
Delivering a new brand experience for the world's leading professional assurance service
We redeveloped the brand strategy, identity & experience, culminating in the launch…
Rufus Leonard
19.03.2018 17:45:53
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