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Nespresso, The Future of Coffee Experiences by FutureBrand
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Lurpak Lighter, Go Wild Light Lovers by BD Network
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Haven Holidays, A Breath of Fresh Air by Iris
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Alzheimer's Society, Christmas isn’t how it used to be by Flourish
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Dropbox, The Vices and Virtues of Collaboration by The School of Life
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Heathrow, It's a Wonderful Flight - Christmas 2017 by Havas UK
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“It was a pleasure working with Creativebrief. Not only did they bring a wealth of knowledge on agency capabilities and where the talent was, they were very supportive in sharing their knowledge on a number of remuneration models including performance related negotiations. Their approach was to be as open and transparent as possible, and to allow agencies to get a good feel for our brands as well as our company. I would certainly recommend other FMCG organisations to invest in Creativebrief.”

Raj Bassan, Senior Category Manager, BRITVIC

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Email built in a car
The new Mokka X boasts such good Wi-Fi, you could build an email in it. So that's…
MRM Meteorite
16.01.2018 11:28:40
Insignia Responsive Posters
Dramatising all the brilliantly useful features of the new model, reacting to the…
MRM Meteorite
16.01.2018 11:19:45
Made in Italy
Shining a light on Peroni's unique ingredient story and rich Italian heritage.
16.01.2018 09:01:06
Together we thrive
Based on a simple human truth – that no one is an island.
J. Walter Thompson London (JWT)
15.01.2018 15:48:05
Time to forget about time.
The first of our new 2018 print work for Cunard.
Alpha Century
15.01.2018 15:34:29
When home really matters.
The second instalment of our Sofology campaign.
Alpha Century
15.01.2018 15:33:29
The Royal British Legion
Thank You
Inviting the nation to say 'Thank You' to a generation who shaped our society
15.01.2018 15:05:33
Godiva Café Retail Experience
Just launched in Hong Kong, a chocolate lovers paradise that allows you to customise…
15.01.2018 10:25:55
Birth of an Icon: Nike Tuned Air
Immersive brand event celebrating 20 years of the Tuned Air
12.01.2018 16:49:06
Part of the Family
Magnet's new campaign is told through the voice of the kitchen.
Cheetham Bell
12.01.2018 15:12:39
BBC Radio 2
Live in Hyde Park
New Design, Identity and Comms with an enchanted forest feel that is both upbeat…
Cheetham Bell
12.01.2018 15:01:40
Wonderfully Predictable
Spy-chase thriller creative uses cinematic technique to demonstrate the ‘wonder’…
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
12.01.2018 11:23:17
There's a glass and a half in everyone
Cadbury's new campaign highlights everyday moments of generosity and kindness.
VCCP Partnership
12.01.2018 10:21:42
Lidl UK
Lidl Christmas 2017
From cheeky Double Dippers, to those crazy rebels who do beef, Lidl has you covered…
12.01.2018 09:31:20
Lidl UK
My Lidl Job
Turning trolls into fans by relaxing the truth about where Lidl's food comes from.
12.01.2018 09:30:49
eos UK
Girls With Balls
A ballsy way to disrupt the lip balm category and break away from the traditional…
12.01.2018 09:29:55
Airbnb UK
Animals, perfectly at home in homes you wouldn’t associate them with.
12.01.2018 09:28:39
Chiswick Office Rebrand
We've revamped Sony's London HQ, injecting brand personality, colour and inspiration…
11.01.2018 17:40:47
'Talk Pants'
Encouraging parents to teach their children about sexual abuse and staying safe…
Leo Burnett
11.01.2018 15:48:16
Special K
'Powering You'
Showcasing the nutritional benefits of Special K, helping power women through their…
Leo Burnett
11.01.2018 15:01:50
You're Gold
A series of 15 second spots launch AXE's new Gold Body Spray. (LYNX in the UK).
72andSunny Amsterdam
10.01.2018 16:55:20
Our global campaign for LinkedIn, showcasing the diverse and creative members that…
10.01.2018 15:39:47
Click & Invest
Opening Doors
We built and launched Investec's new online investment platform Click & Invest
10.01.2018 14:37:41
Moments that matter
Amplifying Google Adword sales for small and medium sized businesses
10.01.2018 14:31:32
Masters of Pasta with Roger Federer & Davide Oldani
Introducing 'Masters of Pasta', 72andSunny's first campaign with the iconic pasta…
72andSunny Amsterdam
10.01.2018 14:29:56
Suzuki Cars
Suzuki and Red Brick Road head to a fairground to inject some fun into the new range…
Red Brick Road
10.01.2018 14:12:49
Introducing Google Home Mini
It's an alarm clock, a remote control, a DJ and a PA in a little thing you control…
72andSunny Amsterdam
10.01.2018 11:30:27
Virgin Media
Where awesome entertainment comes together.
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
10.01.2018 10:02:15
Ode to Tarmac
A love poem from the Ultimate Driving Machine - BMW - to the ultimate driving surface…
FCB Inferno
09.01.2018 18:56:48
Close Brothers
Content series which celebrates the SMEs that partner with Close Brothers.
The Gate London
09.01.2018 09:00:49
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