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Tweet : Jan 16th 2018 19:54
RT @TheFSForum: Thanks to @SiegelGale for hosting our event on GDPR this morning. A packed room to hear from @PaulMalyonEDQ , @jonathanharm
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The biggest tech failures of 2017 @techreview
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6 powerful tools to transform your #contentmarketing in 2018 @Entrepreneur
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10 kids designed the car of the future, and they’re brilliant ???? Forget self-driving cars. Cupcake boosters, flying rainbow houses, and magnetic hovercraft are the future.
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Here are the most common uses of AI on your smartphone today @businessinsider
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This jewelry is made from gold found in old computers @FastCoDesign
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In planning mode? What are you putting on the front burner? B2B marketing predictions & recommendations for 2018 @martech_today
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Can Diet Coke’s new skinny, rainbow-colored cans attract the millennials it covets? @Adweek
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#FridayReads ???? Our Simplifiers interview with @blueapron #CMO Jared Cluff
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Wise words from @DiverStar ????
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@thornymedia @ElmwoodTweets @Interbrand @FITCHdesign The question is why not? No monkeys here, only humans ????
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The six apps that mattered most in 2017 @TechReview
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10 trends that will shape marketing in 2018 @MercedesCardona
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What marketers really think about artificial intelligence. Nearly half believe it's an overhyped buzzword @adweek #Infographic
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18 designers predict UI/UX trends for 2018 @figmadesign
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WATCH: High tech or no tech: Should you unplug in National Parks? @NatGeo
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#Infographic: Amazon ‘Echo’ VS Google ‘Home’, which smart speaker is better?
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Take a trip around the world with a snapshot of typography on the subway: @prototyprIO
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MUJI unveils a first look at its new hotel in China @PSFK
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Get a password manager. No more excuses, here's where to start @WIRED #MondayMotivation
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RT @BrandQuarterly: All great brands are buoyed by an essential brand #purpose - @nancy_hansell @SiegelGale #Media #Engagement
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@MorganR_DC @MargaretMolloy @CMO_com Thanks for sharing ????
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How do you lead as a simplifier? We talk to @leslieberland #CMO of @Twitter
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"Simplicity is achieved when two key components intersect: clarity + surprise." @David_Srere via @LinkedInMktg
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10 must-read design books to get you ready for 2018 @FastCoDesign
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"Brand champions understand what their companies stand for and are committed to their success." @MargaretMolloy explores the findings of our Simplicity at Work study via @CMO_com ??
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How Facebook ads are helping retailers reach new audiences @Adweek
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25 companies that get design right @Fortune To stay ahead, smart companies are turning to design to better connect with customers and find their competitive advantage.
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#FridayReads - Three steps to help leaders unlock the potential of their people + improve their collective ability to innovate ?? ? Clarify the cause ? Build a community ? Treat employees like consumers
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The biggest tech failures of 2017 @techreview

Birchbox - A fresh face for the beauty disruptor
A fresh face for the beauty disruptor
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Positioning Birchbox for success globally with an aesthetic that celebrates what beauty really is.
Aug 3rd 2017 09:45:40
Andrews - Proving that there is such a thing as an honest estate agent
(Andrews Property Group)
Proving that there is such a thing as an honest estate agent
Brand Activation, Brand strategy, Branding / design
A new purpose, story and transformative visual identity to position Andrews for a new era.
Jul 27th 2017 16:18:15

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