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On the easyJet app, you can now book a flight using just an Instagram photo!

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Travel/Tourism

Agency: Look&Book, VCCP Partnership

BITE Insight

Remember the holiday brochure? And how you’d spend hours flicking through the pages, folding down the corner on hotels with the best pool or pictures of the beach? Then you’d call, or even go to the travel agent to book.

It’s an obvious thing to say that booking a holiday has changed a lot. In many cases the travel experts have been replaced by days of internet scrolling. Google Maps can even put you on the street to have a virtual walk around.

But what really drives people to chose a destination? The culture? The people? The food? Or perhaps the desire to post those perfect, envy driving Instagram pics? easyJet is betting on the latter with its latest app feature – Look&Book. Now when your favourite influencer posts a photo of their most recent dreamy destination, it’s easier than ever to search for your own flights and get a little bit closer to their life.

The tool, created by VCCP, works with Instagram because of the platform’s geotagging information. Looking to the future there’s the potential for it to work with other picture sharing apps such as Snapchat and Pinterest. Through the app holiday makers are able to find flights, change the date, tweak the location and search for the cheapest deal.

The desire for an Instagramable influencer lifestyle is rife amongst an audience obsessed with their phones and online image. This app is the first gateway between followers and the followed. And, let’s face it, is a holiday even a holiday without those Instagram likes?


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