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Skullfades Foundation

Sometimes you see someone speak at an event and they capture the attention of the entire room. The thumbs stop scrolling and you can feel all eyes are on the stage. Such was the moment when Ged King took to the stage at BITE LIVE 2018 as part of POKE’s Brilliant Lecture series to talk about his project, Skullfades Foundation.

Upon leaving the Army, Ged returned to the UK and initially struggled to assimilate back into society. He started barbering which led him to set up Skullfades Barber Shop in Manchester. But, says Ged, he didn’t feel fulfilled. In his mind, something was missing.

Horrified and appalled at the number of homeless people on Manchester’s streets, Ged started giving free haircuts to the homeless. It was from this that Skullfades Foundation was born.

The Foundation’s aim is to help the most disadvantaged people in the community. Ged spoke of Alberta, a town in Canada which, over the last few years, has reduced the number of people who are homeless to the point where there is now not a single person sleeping out on the streets. Ged’s aim is for that to become a reality in the UK.

Whilst he goes out onto the streets and gives haircuts, Ged’s team also consists of a supported accommodation provider and addiction recovery coach to help train, house and give advice to each individual, many of whom have suffered horrendous trauma.

With Ged at its helm, Skullfades Foundation is doing amazing, vital work and hearing him tell us his story was a privilege. The BBC 3 Amazing Humans documentary above captures Ged’s work right from where it started through to where he is today.

To volunteer, sponsor or just find out more, visit Skullfades Foundation’s website.

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