Core disciplines: Creative technology, Digital, Innovation/NPD/Service Design


Unicef UK is a children’s charity, with a core mission statement to be there for every child in danger. They help to raise funds to support the vital work of Unicef whilst carrying out programs in the UK to promote the rights of children.


Strategy: Content strategy

Campaign: Design and brand, Video and animation




Unicef UK need to be transparent about the way their supporter’s donations were making a difference to children in emergencies. So they commissioned Manifesto to produce a film that gave their supporters a clear view of how their donations are being used to support the lives of children.

Manifesto spotted a bigger opportunity, not only to tell the story of donations and operations, but to tell the Unicef UK story; a brand film that links their core mission with the way donations help. We developed a concept that would make the audience feel nostalgic, reminding them of what it was like to be a child.

Unicef - A Child's Tale from Manifesto London on Vimeo.


The story unfolded inside a pop-up, with a central character navigating each scene on each page, with a poetic, fairytale-like voice-over driving the narrative.

The film was a huge collaboration across the agency, with the design team starting with stock imagery, such as iStock and Getty, to create the scenes as each page turns over. Different elements were cut out, composited into Photoshop, and then taken into Cinema 4D which we modelled to create a 3D environment. The characters were illustrated in pencil and moved into Illustrator to add colour. These were broken down into components so that we could animate the characters in After Effects.

The final renders were taken into editing software and layered with sound design, music and the final voice over by Unicef UK Ambassador and Actor, Michael Sheen.





‘A Child’s Tale’ is now used as the organisation’s brand film, making transparent how the charity uses the supporter’s donations to them to help make a safer world for children in emergencies, showing their impact, and inspiring their audiences to continue supporting the great work Unicef are doing around the world.







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