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Digital Goes Physical 




To make the first ever physical store of this digital brand in order to gauge the appeal of Hello Fresh’s new meal kit for two and interrogate specific elements of the proposition. 


We challenged consumers to vote with their wallets; testing the proposition in a real-life retail environment, not a market research facility.  

A 4-week fully operational pop-up retail store designed and built by us and delivered at break-neck speed. Working with an industrial shell and limited budget we created a clean and contemporary environment, using natural finishes, pared back fittings and a focus on ingredients to exude freshness and flavour. 

The store functioned as a living test bed, enabling the brand team to explore their hypotheses and in response to feedback, make changes. Not only did they garner thoughts on the product and price-point, they gained wider and equally powerful insights; from the influence the day of the week plays on recipe selection to the profile of the target consumer as well as the operational intricacies of stand-alone physical retail. 

As well as providing intel the store acted as a giant billboard, driving awareness of the brand and the new product.  


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