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Making cameras relevant to a whole new generation of photographers


Since the arrival of the iPhone 4 and Instagram in 2010, which made photography and movie making accessible, Canon has struggled to find its relevance. Canon has increasingly seemed like a distant and elitist brand reserved for hobbyists and professionals, losing out on the mainstream.

Acknowledging this, Canon have spent the last few years investing in digital products and services, as well as new capabilities in an effort to find new ways to build relationships with this audience.

To promote this, we developed ‘Live For The Story’: a new creative platform that has been developed to reposition the brand for broader appeal, but also to bring an organising thought and purpose to the channels, products and services at Canon’s disposal - namely, to help everyone from smartphone users to professional photographers become better storytellers.

As part of Canon’s new brand repositioning, we designed an activation that would provide an easy way for our 16-25 year old target audience to engage with the brand, rooted in their existing behaviour – sharing stories of their lives on Instagram.

As much as the smartphone has proved a threat, it is also proving an opportunity. There is a whole generation of young people that have grown up with photography and videography as second nature, and for whom their heroes are YouTubers and Instagrammers, as much as they are footballers and movie stars.

In May 2017, we launched an influencer-led 10 week activation with model and actress Zoe Kravitz leading the charge.

Titled ‘365 Days of Summer’, the campaign encouraged people to share their stories of summer on Instagram using the hashtag #liveforthestory, for the chance to chase summer around the world for a whole year. That’s right, all 365 days of it.

The competition ran for 10 weeks in 19 European markets, with more than 100 influencers and 90 unique pieces of social content, on all major social platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The campaign also featured a huge PR push from MTV Europe, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Wonderland magazine and numerous titles across Europe. This was supported by a media partnership with The Guardian in the UK, which included print, online editorial and a promotion at Glastonbury.

Alongside this the launch campaign ran across 78 markets in EMEA - and was rolled out across TV, DOOH, Cinema, CRM, Retail, VOD, PR, Media Partnerships and Social, all created in house at VCCP.

Every touchpoint that Canon’s customers came into contact with was re-thought to reflect this new purpose and positioning, including the website, eCommerce, customer communications and retail estate.

Globally, all work is localised and tailored based on local requirements. We also ensure we test the work in multiple (varied) markets pre-production to ensure nuances are picked upfront. We understand that different markets have very different media consumption and so we only produce the right breadth of work to ensure markets have exactly what they need without producing too much unnecessarily. 

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