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Turning safe sex into great sex

Durex has always been synonymous with condoms and safe sex. It is a big, reputable and trusted brand. But it had no momentum. People used it because it’s necessary, but unfortunately, a necessary evil. Our task was to change attitudes and behaviours by making the shift from safe sex to great sex. We needed to remove taboos and give lovers the inspiration to truly enjoy sex. 

We’ve taken on the invasion of technology in the bedroom

For Reckitt Benckiser, we manage 15 brands across 70 markets, and our partnership is assessed by the impact we have on sales across each of those brands. For Durex, part of the Reckitt Benckiser brand’s portfolio, we’ve grown relevance by redefining product perceptions. Since we started working together, there has been a 36% increase in sex toy ownership. The journey we have gone on together went from safe sex to great sex.

People are obsessed with their mobile phones. They’re permanently attached to our hands. The impact of that is we’re neglecting our partners, the people who mean the most to us.

We decided to first fuel this obsession by convincing people that we’d discovered something on their phones that could give them an orgasm. We actively sought out heavy tech users, the people that most needed to disconnect and got them to sign up to be beta testers.

We then revealed to everyone that our big discovery was actually the off button. The campaign really struck a chord with people and made them reassess their priorities. It positioned Durex as a brand that truly championed love and lovers.

From an initial set of three creative ideas, we refined the idea down to ‘Shape the Future of Showers’.

An active and engaging proposition, it offered fans the chance to make a little bit of shower history by empowering them to define the future of showering through their choice of winning edition.

Through three different activations in Facebook and Twitter, fans across all countries were given the chance to explore each future shower experience and vote for their favorite.


  • #TurnOfftoTurnOn was the most watched viral ad in the world 3 weeks in a row. It also made it to the top 5 most watched CPG viral ads ever.
  • We had 75 million views, 3.2 billion unpaid PR impressions and 3.9 billion total impressions, 80% of which were earned. It didn’t just grow brand awareness. It created stronger brand affinity and resulted in an 86% increase in purchase consideration.
  • We doubled share of premium condoms from 8% to 16% market share. 
  • In 6 months we grew share of Durex gels at 9.3% ( against a market value growth of 5.5%). 

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