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Tweet : Today about 6 hours ago
Pinterest’s friend feed gets all Instagrammy, Instagram gets political with ‘I Voted’ stickers, and LinkedIn updates encourage more diverse workplaces. This and more in our Monday Mashup with @Lauren_Under.
Tweet : Today about 6 hours ago
@Laras_word @dre_vanloon It's proven very popular! There's a waiting list so jump on there if you'd like to, and we'll be live streaming on the day :)
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RT @IsabelleDuro__: Make the switch --> use #socialmedia to your advantage when #broadcasting. @wearesocial can help you understand why htt
Tweet : Today about 10 hours ago
How can brands measure the effectiveness of dark social, and how does it relate to organic and paid social marketing? Join @dre_vanloon on 16/11 for a look into the mysterious world of #DarkSocial, supported with key learnings from real-life case studies.
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 15:47
RT @socialmediaweek: Join @WeAreSocial in London to get first access to this year’s Think Forward trends report: #S
Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 15:47
Messenger's 10-minute 'unsend' feature, Facebook launches viral video app Lasso, Portal gets YouTube, Instagram's 'I Voted' stickers and more. The week's biggest social media headlines, from @Lauren_Under.
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 16:31
RT @NetflixUK: tae all the boys a've loved before (2018)
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 16:31
RT @NetflixUK: since we changed our name this morning we've had some ???? suggestions for some new shows...
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 12:30
On 21/11, our Head of Strategy @Le_Harv will be launching our #ThinkForward2019 trends report, with a breakfast briefing to take attendees through the key behavioural trends around consumer identity which are set to shape social media in 2019. Sign up now.
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 10:55
‘Is deleting and forgetting about it really the right thing to do?' Our Chief Strategy Officer, @mobbie discusses with @Adweek how "silence sounds like complicity" and why all brands need an anti-hate policy.
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 10:22
RT @verge: Pinterest gets a redesigned feed that looks a lot like Instagram
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 10:15
Vimeo has announced an integration with LinkedIn which will enable paying subscribers to share videos they upload with a single click. The new option is now available within the ‘Publish to social’ feature. Our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 15:00
Drunk messengers, take note: Facebook Messenger update gives you a measly 10 minutes to delete an unwanted text.
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 14:30
James Patterson debuted his latest novel as a digital novel experience via Facebook Messenger. The Chef was adapted for the platform, supplemented with live Q&A sessions and Instagram profiles for the main characters. Our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
Tweet : Nov 8th 2018 11:15
On 16/11, @dre_vanloon will be hosting a breakfast as part of #SMWLDN to shed light on the mysterious world of Dark Social. The session address the challenges, opportunities, and need-to-knows for brands looking to engage audiences via messaging apps.
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 16:15
We’re continuing to lead social thinking on a global level, with the incredibly exciting news that we’re opening an office in Hong Kong! Our new Head of Hong Kong, Donald Wong gets us pumped for a new wave of creativity from our 13th international office.
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 12:26
RT @SocializeAgency: ???? ???? We’re thrilled to announce the next instalment of @wearesocial's global expansion, with the official opening of a
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 11:00
Snapchat is expanding its TV-like content offering to the UK via new partnerships with 17 media owners, who will be launching 25 Snapchat Shows in the coming weeks. This and more of the latest social media news in our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
Tweet : Nov 7th 2018 09:31
RT @eskimon: Looking for more Global Digital insights from @wearesocial and @hootsuite? Good news: we've brought every report from the past
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 16:15
“I know a lot of other senior women who don’t mentor and it’s very rarely due to apathy, but it can be because they lack confidence in the value they can offer”. @doublejour tells @TheDrum why Imposter Syndrome is preventing women from becoming mentors.
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 14:00
Remember, remember, check out our jobs this November ???? Our growing team in London is currently looking for a mid-weight designer, a paid media executive, a senior project manager, a resource manager and more. Details are available via our careers page.
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 13:12
RT @prweekuknews: In Brief – @DawBell signs up celebs; Dr. Martens picks @wearesocial; @WhiteoaksPR ups senior pair; @brands2life & @BuildR
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 18:01
WhatsApp plans to bring ads to its Status feature, IGTV previews come to Instagram Stories, and Pinterest debuts Promoted Carousel ad formats. This week's biggest social media headlines in our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 17:15
RT @NetflixUK: waking up after getting a full 8 hours of sleep
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 12:30
With brands unable to monitor engagement rates or analyse brand sentiment on 'dark' channels, how can marketers use messaging platforms to engage audiences? Join @dre_vanloon's #DarkSocial breakfast on 16/11, run in partnership with #SMWLDN, to find out.
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 11:45
Despite growing negativity around its results, Snap Inc. was another one to beat Wall Street expectations last week, as Q3 reports showed it beat estimates by $15 million - earning $298 million in revenue. This and more in our Monday Mashup w/@Ryan_Dubras.
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 18:00
Join us 21/11 from 8.30am (GMT) where we’ll be launching our fourth annual Think Forward trends report - which this year unpicks the complex and ever shifting web of consumer identity, and the role brands play in reflecting and shaping it. Sign up now.
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 12:30
As part of Microsoft's Q1 2019 results, the tech giant revealed LinkedIn showed "record levels of engagement highlighted by sessions growth of 34%" and saw its membership hit 575 million back in August of this year. Our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 10:45
Almost 6 in 10 users in Snapchat’s global advertising audience are female, compared to a 57:43 male:female skew on Facebook. In some countries however, Snapchat’s data suggests that the platform’s advertising audience is even more female-skewed, @eskimon.
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 13:00
If you miss the good old days of being able to add music to your Myspace profile, you're in for a treat. Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow you to do just this on the platform. This and more in our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
News : Sep 19th 2018 by Lauren Underwood
We are thrilled to announce that we have just opened our 12th international office, as part of an ongoing effort to grow our global network.
News : Jan 19th 2016 by Tom Ollerton
We Are Social move from a blog based agency website to a client work showcase for Google, adidas, Heineken and Audi.
News : Jul 3rd 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Curiosity Stop is a collation of the innovations that inspired us this month
News : Jun 25th 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Hello Play! for Hello Bank!, BNP Paribas’ mobile bank, picked up two Bronze Lions in Engagement Platform and Financial Services.

YouTube  -  #CreatorsforChange | Gender | ‘In My Personal Space’ Feat. Lily Cole, Sid & Dina |
#CreatorsforChange | Gender | ‘In My Personal Space’ Feat. Lily Cole, Sid & Dina |
Advertising/Creative, Social
From gender imbalances to who pays the bill, Nadir talks Gender with Lily Cole, Sid & Dina.
Today about 3 hours ago
Digital, Social
HSBC encouraged young people in the UK to pursue new opportunities, and avoid future regrets.
Oct 8th 2018 11:40:36
first direct - first direct 'Apologises' To Other Banks
first direct
(first direct)
first direct 'Apologises' To Other Banks
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
first direct wanted to tell the world that they were voted #1 in the UK for overall service.
Oct 3rd 2018 11:47:38
Audi - Believe in the Future of Driving
Believe in the Future of Driving
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
Six children contemplate what the cars of the future might look like for Audi UK.
Jan 4th 2018 14:24:13
adidas Football - David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
adidas Football
David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
adidas, with David Beckham, brought back it's famous Predator boot after an absence of 4 years.
Dec 21st 2017 10:09:53

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