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Tweet : Nov 12th 2018 18:47
A good thing about great clients ????????
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Our founder @maryportas spoke to @Forbes about agency culture, life at @portasagency & how businesses could benefit if they #WorkLikeaWoman
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Thank you. From our office to yours ????
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RT @CutandRunLDN: Sally Cooper edits this film for @WestfieldLondon in collaboration with @Disney's "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms." D
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Honk twice if you see us ????????
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Who’s listening? #WorkLikeaWoman
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In today’s @TheSTStyle ???????? #WorkLikeaWoman
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Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 13:38
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@jonathonharris @maryportas @audible_com ????????????
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 11:46
L A U N C H D A Y || few of the @portasagency outside our subtly decorated office window ????#WorkLikeaWoman
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 11:27
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 11:27
RT @Miss_EBP: #WORKLIKEAWOMAN IS OUT TODAY. GET IT GET IT GET IT (and watch @maryportas in 30 mins on @BBCBreakfast) ????????
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 11:26
RT @sallycwray: The ?@portasagency? office is saying it loud and proud this morning! ?@maryportas? #WorkLikeAWoman
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 07:54
Our founder & CCO @maryportas is on @BBCBreakfast at 8.30am. Why? #WorkLikeaWoman is out today! You can order it now & learn about many things, including our POP Culture* at Portas ???????? (People of Portas)
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 08:43
We’ll be there too ????
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 08:32
When communities & shops collide - great things can happen. About 250 people formed a human chain to help a community bookshop in Southampton move to a new store after a rent increase left them unable to afford their old premises.
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 16:17
RT @maryportas: Kicking off #WorkLikeaWoman with @thekatiederham at @creativebrief #BiteLive18 xM
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 13:02
RT @KetchumUK: Advice for communicators: "Use your instinct. The biggest mistakes often happen when you ignore it." - @MaryPortas, author,
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 12:33
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 12:09
Our founder @maryportas on stage with @katiederhamitv for @creativebrief’s #BiteLive18 - talking shifting work culture to #WorkLikeaWoman
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 08:48
RT @creativebrief: Don’t forget that @maryportas will be signing copies of #WorkLikeaWoman today at #BITELIVE18 after her talk. Not release
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 07:21
Our founder & CCO @maryportas is on stage at 11.50am today. In conversation about her new book #WorkLikeaWoman (Out 1 November) with @katiederhamitv ????
Tweet : Oct 26th 2018 12:16
Just under a week until our founder @maryportas’s book #WorkLikeaWoman launches ????????
Tweet : Oct 26th 2018 10:23
Very proud of our team in Australia - Portas / ?@Sportsgirl? ‘That Girl’ campaign won the 2018 Excellence in Retail Marketing ?at the #Australia Retail Awards ????????????????????????
Tweet : Oct 25th 2018 17:25
If you didn’t catch @thinkdanks earlier on @bbc5live, you can hear him talking to @TherealNihal about our good old high streets. And why we can’t blame the internet for everything that goes wrong. Starts 10 minutes in
Tweet : Oct 25th 2018 13:58
‘It boils down to relevancy. The high street sometimes becomes obsessed with youth and that’s a risk. You need to work out how to stay relevant with the consumers who have money to spend’ - @thinkdanks talking high street & why we shouldn’t blame the internet on @bbc5live
Tweet : Oct 25th 2018 13:37
@TherealNihal Hahaha
Tweet : Oct 25th 2018 13:24
‘Blaming the internet is an outdated argument. At Portas we don’t distinguish between online and bricks and mortar. Retailers need to modernise and keep up with how people want to shop, online or in store’ - @thinkdanks for @bbc5live
News : Jun 1st 2017 by Olivia Zuccherato
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